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Everything You Need From a Single Console

XMS-Enterprise provides everything you need to manage and operate your Wi-Fi network from a single console. Delivered as an on-premise platform, this easy to use management system brings rich functionality and powerful insights into the network


XMS-Enterprise improves Wi-Fi management with a comprehensive suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools to design, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks from a single intuitive console.  Designed for massive scalability, XMS-Enterprise can support a Wi-Fi network with tens of thousands of access points.


With zero-touch provisioning, businesses can deploy Wi-Fi in minutes without having to rely on IT to set up the network. Application Control lets network administrators easily identify up to 1,300 applications at the network’s edge where they can be allowed, blocked, or throttled to prioritize applications and achieve predictable performance even under heavy network load. Application policies can be scheduled for time-of-day or day-of-week to streamline IT operations.


XMS-Enterprise delivers a rich set of proactive alerts, notifications, and automated performance assurance capabilities to increase the availability and uptime of the Wi-Fi network.


XMS-Enterprise offers a suite of integrated services, including automatic performance optimizations and EasyPass Guest, which allows visitors to self-register or use social media credentials to connect. IT administrators gain full visibility into guest activities and the ability to enforce access policies anytime through the cloud.


Get pre-defined and customizable reports about network usage and health, including data regarding applications, clients, APs, and overall network performance as well as traffic statistics for troubleshooting, trend analysis, and capacity planning. Stats can be exported to spreadsheets or other tools for further analysis and reporting.


XMS-Enterprise provides a single pane view of the entire Wi-Fi network, which greatly simplifies IT operations. The network includes wireless and wired solutions that can be managed from a single platform.


  • Fast implementation with zero-touch deployment
  • Complete application visibility and control
  • Simplified and automated operations
  • Integrated guest access management
  • Flexibility to run on VMware or Hyper-V

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