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  • Wi-Fi Installation - Airport Bridges

    Airport Bridges Layout

    Two Wireless Bridges Installed

  • Wi-Fi Installation - Airport Bridges

    Main Building Installation

    802.11g Root Bridge for the Hanger Expansion

  • Wi-Fi Installation - Airport Bridges

    Hanger Expansion

    Clear Line of Sight from the Main Building to the New Hanger Space

  • Wi-Fi Installation - Airport Bridges

    Hanger Bridge Installation

    Cisco 802.11b/g Outdoor Bridge with Integrated Antenna

  • Wi-Fi Installation - Airport Bridges

    Dual Bridge Installation on Engineering Building

    One of Two 802.11b/g Non-Root Bridges

  • Wi-Fi Installation - Airport Bridges

    Installation Complete!

    802.11b/g Non-Root Bridge

  Installation Showcase - Airport Bridges and Access Points
Airport Bridges and Access Points Layout


Provide network connections to additional work spaces required by company expansion. The expansion require that a dual bridge be provided to an engineering area and a second bridge to two hangers that housed both engineering and aircraft maintenance functions. 


The company had a network infrastructure in place and the recommended solution was to add 802.11g bridges. Bandwidth considerations for voice over IP and data suggested a dual bridge to the engineering area for a total bandwidth of 108Mbps. Six Cisco 802.11g bridges were installed that provided an extremely reliable wireless network. In addition to the bridges, a fiber optic cable was pulled to connect the dual bridge to a second engineering work space. The second bridge supported the engineering and aircraft maintenance functions housed in two remote hangers. The engineering and aircraft maintenance areas required the installation of one bridge, 26 LAN ports, and six Cisco access points.

Main Building Installation

Main Building
Three Cisco 802.11g Bridges were installed on the main office building and connected
to the company's network. The one above is the single root bridge to the
and aircraft maintenance functions housed in the two remote hangers

Expansion Hangers

Single Bridge Line of Sight
The the two remote hangers that needed the single bridge. The hangers were
approximately 1/2 mile from the main building.

Hanger Bridge Installation

Hanger Bridge Installation
A Cisco Aironet 802.11g Outdoor Bridge with integrated antenna was used for a
54Mbps connection between the main building and the new hanger space. Twenty-six
LAN drops and five access points were connected to the bridge via a new IT closet.

One of the Two Dual Bridges Being Installed

Dual Bridge Installation
Two Cisco Aironet 802.11g Outdoor Bridges with integrated antennas were used to provide
a 108Mbps link between the main building and the additional engineering work space. The
Dual Bridge supported data and voice over IP connections with the main building.

Installation Complete

Cisco Aironet 802.11g Outdoor Bridge with integrated antenna. An IT closet was installed
along with 13 LAN drops and a 900-foot fiber optic link pulled to interconnect the
 IT closet to the new engineering work space.

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