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Aruba’s Mobile Engagement solution takes flight at Orlando International

Click Here for the Video

Click Here for the Video

Meridian Powered Apps
(Give them a try)

The Venetian/Palazzo
in Las Vegas

The Venetian in Las Vegas

“VP Pocket Concierge”

Find NYP - New York Presbyterian Hospital App

Find New York Presbyterian

Multiple Location App

Portland International
Airport Guide

Portland International Airport Guide

The official app for the Portland International Airport

The 49er’s
Levi's Stadium App

Levi's Stadium App

Concierge app developed by a third party using the Meridian Platform Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Mobile Engagement - Need help with your Mobile App?

Location aware mobile business apps on iOS and Android using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons

Connect your world with intelligent mobility.

Keep guests engaged with context-aware mobile marketing. Bring your venue to life with mobile engagement solutions that offer media-rich apps and location services over the 802.11ac WiFi, the fastest WiFi on the planet. This isn’t ordinary mobile marketing – it’s contextually aware of connected users, devices and apps as well as location and time of day.

Deliver venue-relevant content with a custom mobile app. Up your mobile-app ante with indoor location awareness with the glowing blue dot. Leverage your WiFi network to create an engaging customer experience. Wow ’em with guest Wi-Fi. RHO Wireless uses the Meridian Mobile Engagement Platform by Aruba Networks for your app.

Get the glowing blue dot!

Captivate your customers

Whether you’re a retailer, hotel-resort-casino, hospital, shopping mall or large public venue, a Mobile App offers a better way to engage customers and guests when they visit. Watch the Meridian Mobile Engagement Platform video on YouTube.

It’s so totally engaging

Get best-in-class Wi-Fi, location services, BYOD onboarding, custom mobile apps, and more – all in one integrated solution.

Levi’s Stadium goes state-of-the-art with the Meridian Platform and Aruba Beacons

Levi’s Stadium goes state-of-the-art with the Meridian Platform and Aruba Beacons.

Watters Creek Mobile Engagement Pilot Demo

Watters Creek features luxury office and mid-rise apartment spaces incorporated into a master planned community of walkable spaces, lush landscaping, public art, upscale shopping and top notch dining developed by Trademark Property Company

Featured Page Restaurants
Watters Creek Mobile App Pilot Demo - Featured Page Watters Creek Mobile App Pilot Demo - Restaurants Page
Village Burger Bar Wayfinding
Watters Creek Mobile App Pilot Demo - Village Burger Bar Watters Creek Mobile App Pilot Demo - Wayfinding

Meridian Platform’s Signature Features

Meridian Platform's Signature Features
Advanced indoor
turn-by-turn directions.
Indoor location awareness
for your visitors.
Provide context-aware information. Associate
actions with locations.
Contact RHO Wireless for more information or help with your Mobile App.
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